bp_members_invitations_invite_user( array|string $args = array() )

Invite a user to a BP community.

Parameters Parameters


(array|string) (Optional) Array of arguments.

  • 'invitee_email'
    (int) Email address of the user being invited.
  • 'network_id'
    (int) ID of the network to which the user is being invited.
  • 'inviter_id'
    (int) Optional. ID of the inviting user. Default: ID of the logged-in user.
  • 'date_modified'
    (string) Optional. Modified date for the invitation. Default: current date/time.
  • 'content'
    (string) Optional. Message to invitee.
  • 'send_invite'
    (bool) Optional. Whether the invitation should be sent now. Default: false.

Default value: array()

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Return Return

(bool) True on success, false on failure.

Source Source

File: bp-members/bp-members-functions.php

function bp_members_invitations_invite_user( $args = array() ) {
	$r = bp_parse_args(
			'invitee_email' => '',
			'network_id'    => get_current_network_id(),
			'inviter_id'    => bp_loggedin_user_id(),
			'date_modified' => bp_core_current_time(),
			'content'       => '',
			'send_invite'   => 0

	$inv_args = array(
		'invitee_email' => $r['invitee_email'],
		'item_id'       => $r['network_id'],
		'inviter_id'    => $r['inviter_id'],
		'date_modified' => $r['date_modified'],
		'content'       => $r['content'],
		'send_invite'   => $r['send_invite']

	// Create the invitataion.
	$invites_class = new BP_Members_Invitation_Manager();
	$created       = $invites_class->add_invitation( $inv_args );

	 * Fires after the creation of a new network invite.
	 * @since 8.0.0
	 * @param array    $r       Array of parsed arguments for the network invite.
	 * @param int|bool $created The ID of the invitation or false if it couldn't be created.
	do_action( 'bp_members_invitations_invite_user', $r, $created );

	return $created;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
8.0.0 Introduced.

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