Load the template loop for the current object.

Return Return

(string) Prints template loop for the specified object

Source Source

File: bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php

function bp_dtheme_object_template_loader() {
	// Bail if not a POST action
	if ( 'POST' !== strtoupper( $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] ) )

	// Bail if no object passed
	if ( empty( $_POST['object'] ) )

	// Sanitize the object
	$object = sanitize_title( $_POST['object'] );

	// Bail if object is not an active component
	if ( ! bp_is_active( $object ) )

	 * AJAX requests happen too early to be seen by bp_update_is_directory()
	 * so we do it manually here to ensure templates load with the correct
	 * context. Without this check, templates will load the 'single' version
	 * of themselves rather than the directory version.
	if ( ! bp_current_action() )
		bp_update_is_directory( true, bp_current_component() );

	// Locate the object template
	locate_template( array( "$object/$object-loop.php" ), true );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
BuddyPress (1.2) Introduced.

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