bp_core_add_contextual_help_content( string $tab = '' )

Renders contextual help content to contextual help tabs.

Parameters Parameters


(string) (Optional) Current help content tab.

Default value: ''

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Return Return


Source Source

File: bp-core/admin/bp-core-admin-functions.php

function bp_core_add_contextual_help_content( $tab = '' ) {

	switch ( $tab ) {
		case 'bp-comp-overview':
			$retval = __( 'By default, all but four of the BuddyPress components are enabled. You can selectively enable or disable any of the components by using the form below. Your BuddyPress installation will continue to function. However, the features of the disabled components will no longer be accessible to anyone using the site.', 'buddypress' );

		case 'bp-page-overview':
			$retval = __( 'BuddyPress Components use WordPress Pages for their root directory/archive pages. You can change the page associations for each active component by using the form below.', 'buddypress' );

		case 'bp-settings-overview':
			$retval = __( 'Extra configuration settings are provided and activated. You can selectively enable or disable any setting by using the form on this screen.', 'buddypress' );

		case 'bp-profile-overview':
			$retval = __( 'Your users will distinguish themselves through their profile page. Create relevant profile fields that will show on each users profile.', 'buddypress' ) . '<br /><br />' . __( 'Note: Drag fields from other groups and drop them on the "Signup Fields" tab to include them into your registration form.', 'buddypress' );

			$retval = false;

	// Wrap text in a paragraph tag.
	if ( ! empty( $retval ) ) {
		$retval = '<p>' . $retval . '</p>';

	return $retval;

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.7.0 Introduced.

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