Are mentions enabled or disabled?

Description Description

The Mentions feature does a number of things, all of which will be turned off if you disable mentions:

  • Detecting and auto-linking @username in all BP/WP content.
  • Sending BP notifications and emails to users when they are mentioned using the @username syntax.
  • The Public Message button on user profiles.

Mentions are enabled by default. To disable, put the following line in bp-custom.php or your theme’s functions.php file:

add_filter( ‘bp_activity_do_mentions’, ‘__return_false’ );

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Return Return

(bool) $retval True to enable mentions, false to disable.

Source Source

File: bp-activity/bp-activity-functions.php

function bp_activity_do_mentions() {

	 * Filters whether or not mentions are enabled.
	 * @since 1.8.0
	 * @param bool $enabled True to enable mentions, false to disable.
	return (bool) apply_filters( 'bp_activity_do_mentions', true );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
1.8.0 Introduced.

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