Constructor for the WordPress biography field type.

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File: bp-xprofile/classes/class-bp-xprofile-field-type-wordpress-biography.php

	public function __construct() {

		$this->category           = _x( 'WordPress Fields', 'xprofile field type category', 'buddypress' );
		$this->name               = _x( 'Biography', 'xprofile field type', 'buddypress' );
		$this->accepts_null_value = true;
		$this->wp_user_key        = 'description';

		$this->set_format( '/^.*$/m', 'replace' );

		 * Fires inside __construct() method for BP_XProfile_Field_Type_WordPress_Biography class.
		 * @since 8.0.0
		 * @param BP_XProfile_Field_Type_WordPress_Biography $this Instance of the field type object.
		do_action( 'bp_xprofile_field_type_wordpress_biography', $this );

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Changelog Changelog

Version Description
8.0.0 Introduced.

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